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Matthew Lui

Everyone in the program has their own unique story. It was this realization early on that has had the most profound impact on my Ivey experience thus far. Every day, I revel in the diversity of the cohort and am constantly surprised by the things I learn about my classmates. Their paths to the MBA are oftentimes tumultuous, complex, and intriguing. Ask a fellow student how they got to Ivey and you’ll hear about a Canadian private equity associate who moved to South America to manage a bar and develop real estate; an entrepreneur who started a successful consumer packaged goods business and sold it prior to the program; and a political staffer who spent time rubbing shoulders with the Prime Minister of Canada.

After earning degrees in mathematics and business administration, I was in search of some much needed direction. I knew I had an interest in business and decided that working in marketing for one of the largest financial services organizations in the world was the right choice for me. Fast forward five years and I barely recognize the person that I’ve become. Having realized a few years into my career that my passions lay in making an impact, building meaningful relationships, and solving difficult problems, I now found myself leading multimillion dollar advisory engagements for Fortune 500 clients as a consultant for a rapidly growing Toronto-based software company. Experiencing, first-hand, such tremendous growth helped me realize that retooling would enable me to take on larger challenges and lead impactful change. Enter the Ivey MBA.

Ivey’s generalist MBA approach complements my desire to become a more well-rounded business leader. The classroom experience is dynamic and innovative, the level of instruction is second to none, and thus far I’ve seen a marked difference in my ability to approach problems, communicate solutions, and take on leadership roles in a team. In the four short months since the program has started, I have learned and grown immeasurably. While the coursework challenges you and you are certain to learn volumes, the learnings outside the classroom are just as important as those within. I encourage prospective students to take the time to genuinely connect with their classmates and learn from their experiences. By doing so, you will deepen the bond you form with your counterparts and help perpetuate the kind and collaborative culture of support that the faculty, alumni, and your fellow students live and breathe every day. What becomes clear quite quickly is that the Ivey family will be with you for your entire career and I know, without reservation, that the relationships I forge in my time here will last a lifetime.

I would also advise students to take the time to evaluate in full the opportunities that Ivey presents you with — which are ample. From club activities and professional networking events to guest speakers and student-led initiatives, Ivey has no shortage of opportunity for you to connect and make an impact. Seize, with conviction, those opportunities that resonate most strongly with you and the results may surprise you. I know they surprised me.


  • Bachelor of Mathematics - University of Waterloo
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Wilfrid Laurier University

MBA '17

Ivey Business School

Matthew Lui

Matthew Lui

Toronto, Ontario

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