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Olumide Olawale

My professional career started at PwC where I worked across offices in Africa and the Middle East for six years. I thoroughly enjoyed embodying the firm’s mantra of ‘solving important problems’ while leading multiple engagement teams in the delivery of audit and assurance solutions to clients in the financial services and consumer packaged goodsindustries. My passion for SME consulting, however, led me to co-found a virtual consulting firm, Sam&Wright (S&W) Consulting, a platform that has helped curate business plans and financial models for several startups; aiding over $4m in debt and equity funding. While leading the team at S&W, I identified critical business skills I needed to improve, ranging from operations to marketing, and this informed my decision to pursue an MBA.

My research into business schools involved a thorough online search, attending webinars, and discussions with current students and alumni of different MBA programs. While my goal was to attend a top school, I was very particular about joining a program that prioritized applied learning and provided the opportunity to be part of a global network. Through my research, Ivey’s case-study method, curriculum, and collaborative community were clear pointers that made the program the best fit for me.

The case-study method of learning presented a unique opportunity to draw on a wide range of experiences to solve real life, ambiguous issues faced by startups and large corporations. The program’s personalized approach to elective courses also meant I could take core finance courses while also being involved in entrepreneurial projects. The admissions committee and alumni I reached out to were always willing to help, and I felt like a part of the Ivey community way before I was offered a spot in the class.

Ivey seeks candidates who can contribute meaningfully and help advance the depth of class discussions. My vast consulting experience for medium and large corporations along with my entrepreneurial background helped position me as an ideal candidate to the admissions committee. Most importantly, I believe the authenticity with which I communicated my professional journey and how the Ivey MBA was pivotal in transitioning me to the next phase of my career helped make me a choice candidate.

My expectations of the Ivey MBA have since been surpassed. The program’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic through an adaptive learning environment has been commendable. I have gained valuable insights on crisis management through the weekly ‘Teachable Moments’ series where industry leaders share their ongoing responses to the evolving pandemic. I am also daily inspired by our response as a cohort. We have rallied together as a class, maintaining close connections through initiatives, such as online yoga classes, virtual wine nights, and e-learning team meetings.

I cannot think of a better way to prepare for the future of work than the immersive, deep-end method currently adopted by the program. In the words of my Accounting Professor, “The program is working, I have a fair idea how.”

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Olumide Olawale

Olumide Olawale

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