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Sab Sankaranarayanan

I was very fortunate that my last job as a lighting control salesman enabled me to travel and experience different cultures across the world. At the same time, the experience was humbling because it affirmed my lack of knowledge in business subjects, such as finance, accounting, and operations. Hence, I decided to pursue my MBA to hone my skillset in the aforementioned subjects, and maximize my passion for investing and transition into the financial services industry.

I decided to pursue my MBA at Ivey because of the people. I have learned and grown with every interaction at Ivey – be it the moment I met the admissions team, or today when I interact with my cohort and the faculty.

I am a firm believer of the old saying, “United we stand together, divided we fall.” I first heard this in primary school, but I see it better epitomized by how the Ivey community has chosen to deal with the COVID-19 situation.

While times have never been more unprecedented, several members of our community have stepped forward to better our experience. As a part of the international student community, I can even see the effort my domestic counterparts have made for us to ensure we feel at home. We have created an online MBA lounge through Zoom where we hang out, formed committees to augment our classroom and extracurricular experience, held events to celebrate our cohort's diversity, hosted several distinguished alumni through a speaker series, and most importantly, been there for each other as friends through these times.

The COVID-19 situation has indeed tested our mettle to stay positive and support one another.  But I am confident that by March 2021, my cohort and I will grow from this experience and become more innovative, resilient, and form a closer bond for life.

Yes, I cannot wait for the Class of 2021’s yearbook!


  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University

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  • VP Internal, MBA Association

MBA '21

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Sab Sankaranarayanan

Sab Sankaranarayanan

Chennai, India

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