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Sam Sim

My journey into the world of business has been anything but traditional. After a brief stint as a news reporter and then graduating from journalism school, I decided to pivot into the world of technology. I spent the next five years experiencing what it’s like to work at a later-stage technology company (Twitter), as well as a series A startup. I’ve also been fortunate to have the opportunity to rotate across roles in sales, strategic partnerships, and marketing.

My MBA research process spanned a couple of years. Pursuing the MBA was always in the back of my mind; however, the challenge for me was deciding on the right timing. I was experiencing strong momentum in my career and struggled with deciding when the best time was to go back to school. For that reason, I decided to prioritize one-year programs. Equally important was the program’s style of teaching. I attended both First Class on the Road and Class Visit events and was particularly impressed with the program’s Case-Study Method. I’ve always gravitated towards learning environments that immediately apply theory to real-life scenarios, and the Ivey MBA program does just that. But what ultimately sold me was the Ivey community. I’ve been fortunate to work with many Ivey MBA alumni and I’ve always been impressed by their generosity and work ethic.

The Class of 2021’s experience will likely be the most unique of any cohort in Ivey history. Although we may not be physically together, I’m continually impressed by the strong community my classmates have built online. Whether it’s virtual wine nights or trivia games, we haven’t let a little distance stop us from becoming a tight knit group. Although this isn’t what we planned for, there is a silver lining. We’re applying the concepts we’ve learned to real-time business scenarios related to COVID-19. One of my favourite parts about my cohort is our diverse personal and professional experiences. I’m always amazed by the unique perspectives shared in class, which have provided a view into how different industries operate around the world, including how different markets and firms have responded to COVID-19.

We’re only three months into the program and Ivey has stretched me as a leader and pushed me to think differently. I even notice how it’s already changing the way I approach business problems. I’m excited to look back at the end of this program and appreciate how far I’ve come.

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  • Co-President, Ivey Tech Club

MBA '21

Ivey Business School

Sam Sim

Sam Sim

Toronto, Canada

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