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Santos Marquez Rodriguez

I graduated with an Economics Degree in Caracas, Venezuela, where I grew up and lived most of my life. Soon, I started working as a Financial Analyst in one of the largest banks of Venezuela, awaking in me a strong curiosity about Finance, which would lead me to earn a Master’s Degree in the field a few years later.

In 2014, Procter & Gamble offered me the opportunity to switch industries and start working as a finance manager. I had several nourishing experiences: as a plant finance manager, as a business process leader, and as a sales finance manager. A number of years of experience in the industry revealed me that my strong quantitative background and my knowledge in finance were key to succeed. Though in order to keep growing professionally and personally, I would have to get to know other business areas and edify a strong business acumen in subjects such as marketing, operations, and organization. These areas were essential to help me evolve into a better-rounded professional, and pursue additional opportunities in and out my home country.

When researching for MBA programs, Ivey caught my attention immediately. Ivey’s unique Case-Based method learning, its outstanding reputation across borders, and the opportunity to complete such a well-rounded program in one year. It helped me consider Ivey at the top of my list. After almost four months in the program I can say it was just the tip of the iceberg. Ivey has given me the opportunity to learn not only from educated and experienced professors, but also from the diversity and experiences of my classmates. Working in teams on a day-to-day basis has helped me boost my leadership and assertiveness skills while learning from other’s valuable work experiences. I have also learned how to influence teams with different backgrounds, which I am sure will allow me deliver and exceed intended results from the organization and business perspective. During my 4-month journey at Ivey thus far, I have become part of the Ivey Toastmasters Club, where I hold the position of VP Membership, which has also helped me enhance my communication and public speaking skills. 

If I had to describe Ivey’s community in a few words, I would describe it as a diverse, passionate, educated, and united community formed by the near future leaders. It is well known for being innovative and supportive, and it has not been different because of COVID-19. The school has made its best efforts to provide students several resources not only to avoid having the MBA experience impacted, but also to boost our transformative experience. This situation has definitely pushed us to work in our resilience skills, which are essential in high management positions.

I am confident that these only represent some of the skills that I will be enhancing during my journey at Ivey, skills that will help me pursue a career in different industries, and several functions across borders.

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  • The Investing Club member
  • VP Membership Ivey Toast Master Club

MBA '21

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Santos Marquez Rodriguez

Santos Marquez Rodriguez

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