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Soud Rahman

What I did

I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. I knew engineering would equip me with the right mix of problem solving and analytical skills that would provide me with a variety of flexible career options post graduation. I used this as a launching pad to enter the business world as a Business Analyst at Bombardier. There I worked as a Business Analyst with the Aftermarkets Division and then as an Operations Strategy Analyst with the Transformation team.

Why I wanted to get an MBA

While working in the Transformation turnaround team, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best aerospace and train manufacturing executives and professionals in the industry. This experience opened my eyes to the internal and external complexities that decision makers face when turning around a company of Bombardier’s size. What allowed them to be successful was their ability to utilize their business acumen and communicate it in order to lead from the front.  I knew that I was lacking this ability and decided to pursue an MBA to shore up my business skillset but also to learn how to communicate this information.

Why I chose Ivey

I knew I wanted a non-lecture based MBA. I also wanted to minimize the opportunity cost allocated to an MBA. The last decision was whether to stay in Canada or go abroad. After some reflection, I realized I wanted to continue to work in Canada post-graduation and all signs then pointed to Ivey.

What I have learned so far in Ivey

The program will stretch you. The demands of the program are very real. Learning to contribute every class can be a real challenge. There’s an internal pressure to contribute value added comments that will enrich your learning but, more importantly, enrich the learning of your peers in the class. However, that’s what I came for. This MBA is an opportunity to expand and push yourself into ideals you hadn’t explored before.  

What you are in for

You will change. Inertia against the constant stresses we’re being put under is not an option. If you haven’t already, you’ll learn what your strengths and weaknesses are when faced with stresses. Your ability to react and collaborate will sharpen overnight. As a professor here likes to say, “the program works, you just won’t know how.”









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Soud Rahman

Soud  Rahman

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