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Tung Kha

For the past seven years, I have been fortunate to work in different sectors within the finance industry. Following my undergraduate degree in Finance and Investment Banking, I secured a progressive role at one of the biggest commercial banks in Vietnam. In 2014, I successfully transitioned to Investment Banking and Private Equity, and spent the last five years in a progressive capacity. Nonetheless, I want to challenge myself, broaden my horizons, and increase my network internationally, so pursuing an MBA at a globally elite business school is the most optimal way.

Ivey stands out to me for its Case-Method Learning. Based entirely on the case-method, the program uses real business case scenarios. In every session, students act as decision makers to filter massive amounts of information, analyze the situations and propose their decisions. Thriving on classroom diversity from a wide array of religions, industries and countries, the program truly provides an invaluable learning and sharing experience.

The program is also responsive to the new conditions brought about by the pandemic. The faculty, staff and, particularly, Dean Sharon Hodgson, worked with us and showed tremendous support. They introduced Teachable Moments, and so far, we have had the honor to hear from Stephen Poloz – former Governor of the Bank of Canada; Dave McKay – President and CEO of RBC (Canada’s biggest bank); and, Michael McCain – President and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods. 

As future leaders, we set ourselves apart with our authenticity, passion and open-mindedness. The class is tight knit and this shines during the current situation. When the program moved online, we started to have our social events online, sharing our concerns, and supporting each other. We are physically distancing, not socially distancing.

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MBA '21

Ivey Business School

Tung Kha

Tung Kha

Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam

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