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Advanced Entry Scholars Program

About the Program

The Advanced Entry Scholars MBA Program is a deferred admission program that offers a guaranteed pathway to the Ivey MBA while you pursue the necessary work experience. It is designed for students who meet the typical admission requirements for Ivey’s full-time MBA program, but have not yet worked the number of years required of direct MBA program applicants.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

If you have just completed your final year of undergraduate studies, you could be eligible for Ivey’s prestigious Advanced Entry Scholars MBA program. This program is intended for a person who:

  • is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • has attended a recognized Canadian university; and
  • has completed an Honours degree program.

To be considered for admission to Ivey’s Advanced Entry Scholars MBA, you must be in your last year of undergraduate studies or apply to the program within 8 months of graduating.

Final admissions decisions are pending official transcripts showing degree being conferred (indicating graduation date).

This program is also open to HBA graduates from Ivey to apply for advanced entry into the MBA Direct Program.

How It Works

  • Apply

    Apply to the Ivey Advanced Entry Scholars MBA program during the final year of your undergraduate program or within 8 months of graduating. Please contact for assistance starting an application.

  • Get Admitted

    If admitted as an Advanced Entry Scholars MBA, you have guaranteed admission to the Ivey MBA Program following a 2 to 4 year deferment period of quality, substantive work experience.

  • Work Experience/Career Management Check-Ins

    While you gain work experience, you will have access to Ivey Career Management who will offer coaching and mentoring and formal event opportunities. You will also have early access to a pre-MBA community.

  • Begin the MBA Program

    Choose when to matriculate in the program after 2 to 4 years of work experience.

How and When to Apply

We do not have an application deadline for the Advanced Entry Scholars MBA as applications will be assessed as they are received. You must submit your application to the Advanced Entry Scholars MBA during the final year of your undergraduate program or within 8 months of graduating.

Application Requirements

STEP 1. The application is done entirely online. Application components include:

  • $50 application fee
  • Undergraduate Transcript
  • GMAT or GRE Score
  • Resumé:
    • Current and/or anticipated employment
    • Summer/co-op/part-time employment
    • Volunteer and extracurricular involvement
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (professor, employer, coach, mentor, campus leadership)
  • Online application submission, including:
    • 2 Written essays
    • Video essays

STEP 2. Following submission of a completed application, a candidate may receive an invitation to interview.

  • Ivey conducts interviews by invitation only
  • All candidates successfully admitted to the Advanced Entry Scholars MBA Program are interviewed
  • Chosen candidates receive further detail regarding expectations and preparation tips within the interview invitation


Current tuition amounts for the MBA program can be found here. Keep in mind that tuition typically increases by a small percentage each year.

Advanced Entry Scholars MBA or the MSc in Management Program

Who Domestic applicants only. International and domestic candidates.
Requirements GMAT score required to apply. GMAT score may be required.
Work Experience You have more than likely signed on to a full-time job offer and also have previous work experience through co-op, internship, etc., during your undergraduate years. By the time you begin the MBA program you will have the minimum of two years of full-time work experience post-graduation. Pre-experience program designed for individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree within the past two years. You more than likely do not yet have a formal full-time job offer.
Content Students enter from all realms of the professional workforce, often possessing little to no prior formal business education. The first half of most MBA programs tends to be an overview of business fundamentals. In an MSc program, most (if not all) students are coming in with an undergraduate degree in business or a related field. MSc students specialize in both practical knowledge and in the theory and research of a particular business discipline.
Classmates Average age of students ranges from 27 to 30 years old. Average age is 23 years old.
Career Goals Most students have returned to school to gain the necessary business and management knowledge to either transition from one industry to another or to allow for more rapid progression. Students' main goal is to further their education in a specialized area of business to become even more competitive when launching their careers in a specific field.