It's Better to Learn by Doing

Before you start asking to see a course outline, let's make one thing perfectly clear. How you learn is more important. Because no matter how engaging a faculty member may be, you can't be lectured into becoming a great decision maker.

From day one in the program, the pace is fast and unyielding, and the adrenaline rush is undeniable. Each class is a journey through a complex, multi-disciplined business challenge. You are immediately confronted with the reality that, in business, things rarely fit into tidy functional boxes. You'll have too much information, or at times not enough, but through the program you'll become comfortable making decisions when faced with uncertainty. 

How It Works

Class preparation starts with each student tackling an individual assessment of the case and crafting a plan of action. From there, you test your ideas with your learning team and new ideas and strategies will emerge. You'll gain greater confidence in your decision, preparing you for class itself. The Ivey classroom is the final step, opening up the debate to diverse perspectives and the surprising conclusion that there is not 'one right answer'.

That's why Ivey is committed to Case-Method Learning. It's not just teaching, it's a powerful decision-making approach that becomes ingrained into how you operate. The transformation happens throughout your year at Ivey, as you dive into hundreds of cases. You'll build amazing problem solving skills and develop the ability to recognize and seize business opportunities, making you a rare double-threat.