From Manager To Leader

Anybody can learn a theory. All schools teach core business knowledge but that’s where the similarity ends. At Ivey, we believe knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient for career success. Pushing you to learn how and when to apply ideas is the difference that will take you from manager to leader.

Leadership Takes Practice

Strong leaders are confident leaders. This confidence only comes with practice, practice and more practice. The Ivey classroom is where you will test your ability to apply what you’ve learned and have your perspective challenged by your learning team, classmates, and faculty. Through hundreds of cases and simulations, you’re exposed to several years of real-life business knowledge in just one transformational year.

Leadership Essentials

At Ivey, you learn by doing. Each day, as you apply your learning, you accelerate your leadership capabilities. We call these capabilities Ivey Leadership Essentials. They are at the core of everything we do at Ivey and are what truly differentiate our Ivey MBAs.