Fit Is Everything At Ivey

Ivey attracts an exceptionally strong field of candidates with a staggeringly diverse range of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. We have a finely-tuned admission process and we are confident that you'll be as impressed with your classmates as we are.

More than most MBA programs, the quality of your classmates truly matters at Ivey. Case Method Learning is exponentially more effective when you and your faculty member can draw on the diverse experiences and perspectives of the class.

Fit is everything at Ivey. Our admissions interviews give us the opportunity to ensure that you are the kind of MBA student who will contribute to the learning of others and wants to learn from others. These are peers who will challenge, motivate, and support you and expect the same in return.

You Learn With, and From, The Best

We hold our faculty to the same high standards. The Ivey faculty has a strong connection to the school and fully embraces our unique teaching method. Experts in their fields, Ivey faculty members write cases, consult and research with organizations around the world and then draw on this experience in the classroom. They are deeply committed to your academic success and your leadership development.

With a better approach to learning and amazing classmates and faculty, there's really no limit to what you can learn.