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Leave of Absence Program

About Ivey’s Leave of Absence Program

The one-year Ivey MBA is perfectly aligned with many corporate leave policies. The Leave of Absence Program for the full-time MBA is designed to facilitate the process of requesting a leave from your employer as well as easily making the transition back to the company following completion of the MBA. This opportunity is also available to MBA Direct candidates.


As an incoming Ivey MBA student, you are eligible for enrolling in the LOA Program if you worked at your pre-MBA employer in a full-time capacity and completed a minimum eight months of consecutive service. 

How to Enrol

Enrolment in the Leave of Absence program is subject to approval.

The first step is to provide Ivey with a letter from your current employer. This letter serves to confirm your interest in the LOA Program. This letter must

  • be on company letterhead
  • include your time of company service (ie. your work start date)
  • include reference to the company being aware of your leave due to MBA studies and their plans to welcome you upon completion of your MBA
  • to be signed by a Director or Human Resources lead and include their contact details

The letter does not need to indicate the position or area to which you will be returning upon MBA completion.

Students who submit a letter from their employer then attend a mandatory Leave of Absence Program clinic held after the MBA program start. At this clinic, Ivey reviews the program and asks students to sign a commitment form regarding program requirements and code of conduct. This form is provided at the LOA Clinic.

Only following approval of the Employer Letter, clinic attendance, and receipt of the signed agreement form is a student considered officially enrolled in the LOA Program and therefore eligible for the financial incentive.

How do I receive the $10,000 incentive from Ivey?

A student must provide Ivey with a signed Employment Contract from their pre-MBA employer no later than the last day of the MBA program. Note that a student must return to their pre-MBA employer in a full-time capacity. This contract may be subject to verification with the employer during Ivey's review. In lieu of a signed contract a new letter (not the original letter) stating the following may be accepted:

  • on company letterhead
  • student will be offered x position and/or x title at the company
  • the role is in a full-time capacity
  • start date of new role at the company
  • signed direct Manager and/or Human Resources
  • contact phone number of person signing

Upon satisfactory review of this contract/letter, the incentive will then be applied to a student's Western account before the end of the MBA program. 

If a student received the LOA financial incentive and chooses to terminate their employment before September 1st of their year of graduation, they are required to pay back the full value of the award.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

Ivey’s Leave of Absence Program allows companies to retain valuable talent within their organizations and support the growth and development of individuals who have proven their high potential and their leadership capabilities. These individuals will return post-MBA with the ability to contribute at an even higher level, take on a new role, or encompass a broader area of expertise.

If you are interested in more information on this program on behalf of your company, please contact