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MSc IB + CEMS 2017

MSc IB + CEMS 2017


MSc '17, Ivey Business School

I'm Aakash Ahuja, an Indian national, joined the MSc in Management program at the Ivey Business School as an international student to grow my knowledge of the business world. Having been born into a family with business in the field of computer hardware, I was exposed to the newest technology from a very young age. Following my interest in technology, I chose to pursue my undergraduate studies in the field of Computer Science, which helped me look at world as a collection of 1’s and 0’s. While pursuing my undergrad, I had the opportunity to study Marketing Management at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. This is where the seed to learn more about the business side of things was sown. Hence, after completing my undergrad, I started a music production studio that aimed at promoting new talent in the industry. One year down the line into running the studio, I started my second start-up. This start-up was in the field of Food and Beverage. Running two start-ups simultaneously peaked my interest to know more about how MNCs and big companies handle their day-to-day operations.

 Enter Ivey Business School. Being one of the best business schools in the world and also a CEMS MiM partner school, I decided to join the MSc. Having spent two semesters here, I can vouch for the case-based learning system. Firstly, it exposes you to real-world problems being faced by companies and second, it prepares you for the real world by giving you the necessary tools to tackle the complexities in your upcoming career. In addition to the case-based system, Ivey encourages collaboration and contribution by engaging in in-class discussion of cases. Both part of the “Ivey way of learning,” these two approaches not only helped me to think in a structured way but also allowed me to understand a problem from the perspective of my diverse classmates.

 For my second semester, I was given an opportunity to work in Managua, Nicaragua for a span of three months. Nicaragua, being the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, made me see the world in a really different way. Further, it made me understand how businesses operate in a very different business environment than Canada or even India. In addition to putting the business paradigms learned in class to use, I got an opportunity to learn Spanish language and explore a new country.

 I’ll be soon participating in my CEMS MiM exchange term at University of Economics, Prague (VSÉ, Prague). I am really excited to yet again explore a new country, a new culture, and a new language. Through MiM, I am enhancing my global mindset and learning about new cultural sensitivities. If you have any questions regarding Ivey or Nicaragua, give me a shout.


  • Bachelors of Computer Science Kirori Mal College, Delhi University