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Alexandra (Sasha) Matovic

MSc International Business with CEMS-MIM 2019


MSc '19, Ivey Business School

Tell us about yourself.

Upon the completion of my finance undergraduate degree, I spent a summer working in a commodity trading (grain merchandising) internship. My position required me to participate in global trading with countries in Europe, Asia, and South America on a daily basis. Within the same year, my father's real estate development company completed deals with both Chinese and Middle Eastern entities. This opened my eyes to the extent of globalization across almost every industry within the business sector. This realization motivated me to apply to Ivey's MSc in International Business, as it would make me a stronger businesswoman in a future of increased worldwide integration.

Think back to when you were researching business schools. What did Ivey offer you that other schools did not? What made it a good fit for you?

When researching business programs, I knew that a case-based method was the most important learning style for me. I strongly believe that the real-life scenarios encountered in cases makes you a more flexible thinker, as opposed to a more rigid theory-based approach. This factor, combined with Ivey's world renowned reputation and alumni, made Ivey an easy choice!

Think about the relationships you've built with students, staff and faculty. 

The professors that have taught me since the beginning of my time at Ivey have been some of the most outstanding that I have had to date. They are extremely knowledgeable, up-to-date on industry trends, and above all else, the most helpful and understanding teachers. The admissions team and career management department are also amazing. They will always make time to answer any questions you have (with extreme patience). They go above and beyond to help in whatever ways they can. The faculty and Ivey's focus on student success is second to none!

Describe the relationships and culture of support at Ivey. 

The first semester of the MSc program is structured in a way that breeds a culture of support and respect between both fellow students and with the faculty. Upon your first day, class participation is a mandatory component of your grade. Without knowing anyone in your cohort, it can be extremely nerve-racking to speak up and voice answers. However, the professors and staff make sure to create an environment where students feel comfortable and excited to contribute. Furthermore, the structure of reports also creates a deeper relationship between students. A predominant percentage of grades are based off of group projects. Working with your fellow students on projects (such as 24-hour reports) requires you to learn to work with different personality types, cultures, and work styles under fairly stressful conditions. Due to this learning style, students learn to band together to teach each other whatever they need to contribute in the strongest way that they can, while learning a deeper appreciation for each other’s differences. I can honestly say that the culture in Ivey's MSc Program is one of the most supportive around.


  • Bachelor of Management & Organizational Studies- Finance Specialization, Western University