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Aneta Kosinska

MSc International Business & CEMS-MIM 2018


MSc '18, Ivey Business School

Briefly, describe your background and profile. Think about how Ivey is/will complement your own personal background and experience.

I have always been a curious person that looked to understand people; what made them tick or why they made their decisions. By taking a broad course load in my undergraduate studies I found my passions: psychology and geography (which became my minors), and I applied them when working towards my degree in Business Management (BMOS) specializing in Consumer Behaviour.

 I found that I got energized by being around people when I worked on experiential marketing campaigns for Coca Cola Canada, Rogers, Kraft Foods, RBC and more. I also found that I love to unite people, build insights, and bridge gaps in communication when I volunteered as the President of Western's Get Real team — a non-profit that aims to eliminate homophobia and bullying across Canada.

 I had a lot of customer-facing experience but I knew that in order to be great at my craft, I had to get behind a desk to understand how to organize and synthesize big data that would ultimately help me build insights. So, upon graduation , chose to accept employment at Canadian Tire's head office in their Promotions department on the Statistics Process and Analytics team.

Talk about one of your most memorable “Ivey” moments to-date – how does that moment ‘sum-up’ the Ivey experience?

The most memorable Ivey moment was during my IGL placement in Pune, India. A few of my classmates and I took a bus down to Mumbai on the weekend to explore the city and discover some of its hidden gems. After eating delicious Indian cuisines and walking around the bustling Mumbai markets in the plus-40 degree weather, we all cooled off at the pool shortly before attending a networking event. We met up with fellow Cemsies (CEMS students) who were either living or working in Mumbai at a local lounge hidden away in the Mumbai entertainment district. We spent the night exchanging interesting travel stories as well as learning how to dance India style and teaching our new friends some dance moves when a fellow Torontonian, Drake, came on. The day is a perfect depiction of how our students are always excited to explore, make new friends, learn, teach, and have a great time! I think I can speak for everyone who went, that that day in Mumbai is one we won’t soon forget.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering Ivey?

If you're looking for a challenging adventure, the opportunity to see and learn how to solve real-world problems, a global network of highly passionate and ambitious people, and time to discover your expertise, then this program is for you.


  • Bachelor of Management and Organization Studies- Consumer Behavior, Western University