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MSc BA 2017

MSc BA 2017


MSc '17, Ivey Business School

As a kid, I always loved to solve complex puzzles. I figured engineering was a great career option as I got to satisfy my curiosity of dealing with ambiguous problems. However, soon into my undergrad, I realized I was truly a business kid at heart. A big factor that helped me reach this conclusion was my internships. I had completed twenty months of internships at various multi-national firms. By the end of my undergrad, I had worked as a Web developer, Mobile Developer, Business Analyst, and Lead Developer. Though I found application development to be interesting, I soon envisioned programming to be only a tool that enables an individual to solve a particular problem.

By the end of my third internship, I started to connect the dots. I was able to envision how various functional teams work together to deliver a particular project. I started to visualize things from a holistic point of view. This is when I started to shift my focus towards business, rather than technology.

Business Analytics, a field that has seen rapid growth in the past few years, piqued my interest when I started to research business master’s programs. I wanted a business program that builds on my quantitative skills. The Business Analytics program at Ivey did just that. I was able to apply the systematic thought processes from my undergraduate degree to solve complex business problems.

One of the main factors that attracted me to the program was the Ivey Analytics Lab (IAL). It is an opportunity that enables us to work for a company for 8-12 weeks. I had the opportunity to work for Scotiabank in the Global Banking and Markets division as a Data Scientist. This experience was pivotal as I got to apply all my knowledge and tools to a real life analytics problem.

Overall, Ivey has given me the all the tools and resources to be successful. The case method, professors, IAL, and Career Management have all been a huge asset. I was able to identify my strengths and discovered consulting as a way to satisfy my curiosity around solving unique and challenging problems. I will be joining Deloitte’s Analytics advisory practice as a Consultant starting July 2017.


  • Bachelor of Technology - Automotive Engineering, McMaster University