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Student Profile

MSc IB + CEMS 2017

As a bilingual speaker from Montreal with an affinity for big-mountain skiing, I considered a few schools to pursue my undergraduate education and athletic goals, ultimately deciding on McGill University in my hometown due to its international reputation, academic pedigree, and flexible sports program. After jostling between which business major I should pursue, I settled on marketing after taking a consumer behaviour course as it merged strategy, creative thinking, and practical business skills in a varied curriculum that could lead to different career paths. I remained open-minded as I met different recruiters and recent grads in my last year of study and decided to start my professional career in sales and marketing at L’Oreal Canada. I spent three and a half great years learning from friends and colleagues alike in multiple roles in the dynamic beauty and consumer product industries. During my time at L’Oreal, I realized the value of being able to make connections in diverse environments and being willing to take the risk to act on your sense of adventure. Ivey’s program provides me with the ideal platform to learn and achieve all of my objectives: learn a third language, improve my analytical skills while taking courses I am less knowledgeable in, and inspire change in the company and country I choose to work in. The possibilities are truly endless, and I can honestly say Ivey has facilitated this through the people I have met and the personalized program that has been put in place.

Ivey was a natural fit when considering graduate programs because of the transferable nature of the Case-Method of Learning to the real business world and its exemplary reputation within Canada and with CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education). Furthermore, I discovered that after speaking with past students, the quality and accessibility of the professors, the intimate and diverse international classroom, and the vast number of resources at your disposal on behalf of Career Management made it the perfect fit for me.

A career can be a daunting concept to think about when you graduate from your first or second degree, as I assumed that it would follow a mostly linear progression and that my future depended on the first job opportunity I committed to. In retrospect, I would recommend to prospective students to recognize that grad school and/or a job opportunity is only one step ahead of many and to appreciate the process that gets you there. Ivey can help you build on an excellent foundation to your future goals no matter where your interests lie, but remember to enjoy all the novel and subtle moments that will occur in the classroom and on your international exchanges before you officially sign on the dotted line of a contract.

The case-method is both unique and invaluable in my progression as a business leader because I consistently have to solve problems with a team that I may not be completely familiar with, and we are forced to take a stance on the issues that present themselves. It is a learning tool that exposes you at minimal risk to a variety of real business issues that others have previously dealt with. I am confident that my strategic decision-making, presentation, and listening skills have greatly improved as a result. 


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Marketing, McGill University