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Cynthia Wang

International Business with CEMS-MIM 2019


MSc '19, Ivey Business School

Tell us about yourself. 

Upon completing my undergraduate degree in global economics at Western, I knew I wanted to further diversify my skill set. I craved more of that 'global' aspect that claimed to be part of my degree title. I worked in the financial industry throughout university and enjoyed how those roles challenged my critical thinking. However, when I discovered the MSc program here at Ivey, I knew I had found a postgraduate experience and not just another degree. I was immediately drawn to the international aspects integrated into the IB & CEMS stream, from consulting in a developing nation (IGL), to studying abroad at world-class business schools.

What is your most memorable Ivey MSc experience to date?

One of my most memorable "Ivey" moments didn't actually occur at Ivey — it happened in New Delhi, India, at one of my classmate's family homes. We had just arrived in India a few days prior, filled with adrenaline at the prospect of starting IGL. Our dear classmate Pallavi invited us all to her home in Delhi for dinner to welcome us to the country. Her mom prepared a spread of delicious traditional dishes. We enjoyed a night of eating, dancing, and soaking up Indian culture. I paused at one moment during the evening to look around the room. There we were, a diverse group of young adults who had been brought together by Ivey, the MSc program, and IGL. It seemed so surreal just to be in India, but also to be surrounded by people I had just met four months prior. To me, this moment defines the Ivey experience in its ability to bring together people of all backgrounds. My classmates and I have all walked very different paths to reach where we are today, and I feel so privileged to be a part of this 2019 cohort.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering Ivey?

Research your options thoroughly — just because the Ivey MSc is working for me, that doesn't mean it will be the best choice for you. I definitely felt intimidated coming into the program, given Ivey's prestigious reputation, but all those fears subsided on the first day of school. Ultimately, the Ivey family will welcome you with open arms, regardless of your background. Talk to current students or alumni, build your network, and you will find confidence in your decision.


  • Bachelor of Arts- Honours Specialization in Global Economics, Western University