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Emi Oseni-Elamah

MSc Business Analytics 2018


MSc '18, Ivey Business School

Briefly, describe your background and profile. Think about how Ivey is/will complement your own personal background and experience.

I am a 2015 graduate of McMaster University with a B.Sc in Business Informatics and a minor in economics. I have learned and become experienced with different technologies, programmed relational database systems such as SQL, DB2, as well as gained knowledge about project management and operations analysis using programs like MS Excel and MS Project, R/SAS and Tableau.

 In addition to my undergraduate studies, I have a keen interest in data analytics, logistics, and project management, which propelled me to do Masters in Business Analytics at Ivey!

 At Ivey, I'm applying my academic and professional background to the real world cases we tackle in class. By the end of the program, I want to be able to contribute extensively to any team, making credible suggestions on appropriate services to offer customers.

 Before beginning at Ivey, I held an analyst role in the telecommunications industry where I utilized my data analysis skills to analyze business data and present actionable insights to aid the organization in better business decisions.

 I'm goal oriented and highly dedicated to whatever task I perform. I set my personal expectations high and refuse to settle for mediocrity.

 When not crunching numbers and data, you can find me cooking, swimming, reading, or unwinding with family and friends.

Think back to when you were researching business schools. What did Ivey offer you that other schools did not? What made it a good fit for you?

Business Analytics is a field that has seen rapid growth in the past few years and was something I had always been interested in. The Ivey MSc Program is one of the few programs that offer this. One main factor that attracted me to this program was the Ivey Analytics Lab (IAL). I saw it as a huge opportunity to not just learn in class but to also intern by applying the skills learned. I have had the opportunity to work for Loblaw in the Pharmacy Analytics division as a Data Analyst. This experience has been pivotal as I got to apply all my knowledge and tools to a real life analytics problem. Also, I wanted a school that had a strong networking link with alumni and was very reputable in the eyes of employers. The Ivey MSc Program is excellent at fulfilling that!

Talk about one of your most memorable “Ivey” moments to-date – how does that moment ‘sum-up’ the Ivey experience?

One thing I was nervous about when I began this program was adjusting to the case-based system of learning. I knew it would be exciting because I would learn how to analyze real-world problems using various tools, which is much better than a theory-based approach of learning; but, I was worried about how quickly I would adapt to this system of learning and how it would affect my academic performance. Sometimes a little worry is good because it keeps you on your toes. With time, I've gotten better at approaching cases. This has helped broaden and strengthen my technical and analytical skills. I have also learned how to collaborate and contribute more effectively by engaging in class discussions. I'm not nervous anymore but I see every case I'm presented with as a challenge to improve myself and help me to stand out as I take on future roles.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering Ivey?

The culture at Ivey is wonderful and the program operations and career management team are really supportive. Come to the program with an open mind, be very enthusiastic, get to know people, and ask questions. Before starting the program, take a few tutorials on R. Datacamp or coursera – they have free courses on R, you definitely should check that out. When you start, they go through all the basics and there's a lot of workshops throughout the school year but these courses will help you to get a step ahead so you’re comfortable with the materials when they are presented to you.




  • Bachelors of Applied Science- Business Informatics, McMaster University