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MSc BA 2017

MSc BA 2017


MSc '17, Ivey Business School

Ivey has truly played a significant role in my academic and professional development. After earning my Bachelor’s of Engineering Science and Honours in Business Administration from Western University in 2016, I homed in on the MSc in Business Analytics to become better equipped when handling modern-day business challenges. The MSc in Business Analytics appealed to me as an opportunity to leverage my coding and applied mathematics education with the business fundamentals developed in Ivey’s HBA Program. As digital transformations have fundamentally changed the way businesses operate today, bridging the communication gap between technology and management is the niche that I have based my career path on. With a start date in the summer of 2017, I plan to begin my career in management consulting, specifically for clients operating in the financial services sector facilitating digital transformations.

Ivey’s case-method adheres to a standard of professional development and learning for students unparalleled by any faculty or program I have ever encountered. The immediate feedback from in-class case discussion from professors and peers has enabled me to sharpen my decision-making and problem-solving skills. If the concepts weren’t made clear in class, the camaraderie and culture of support at Ivey among students and faculty aids in fine-tuning any class performance. Additionally, team building and communication are critical pillars of Ivey’s culture fueling the development of long-lasting networks and relationships. With almost four years at this excellent institution, I am more than confident I will be leaving well-equipped to tackle business problems in the near future and the long-term.


  • HBA + BEng Dual Degree, Western University