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Student Profile

MSc IB + CEMS 2017

Prior to coming to Ivey to pursue my MSc degree, I graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Finance and Administration. Post-graduation I worked for an Auction House in the United Arab Emirates that specialized in Antiques and Fine Arts. As the auction house was still establishing itself in the UAE market, my role of Business Manager and Account Coordinator gave me the opportunity to gain cross-functional experience at an accelerated pace. I worked in many areas of the business including operations strategy development, client base management, and human resources management.

While I quite enjoyed my career, I wanted to develop my workplace abilities and my academic knowledge of the current global business environment. I was looking to gain more international experience and business knowledge combined with a top rated education that would allow me to develop global-leadership competencies. For these reasons, I decided to pursue an MSc in International Business and Management at the Ivey Business School. The program offered me the perfect combination of developing leadership abilities through the Ivey Case-Method of Learning and knowledge of international business environment taught by world renowned faculty members. Even the quality and diversity of the class and alumni at Ivey has been quite impressive, which has added to the overall learning experience at Ivey.

The Ivey MSc also offered me the unique opportunity to gain international experience while focusing on my academics. I was able to work on a consulting project in Nicaragua and the experience was a great platform to practise the skills I had learned in class and apply them in a real-world scenario. I got the opportunity to work in a developing country and gain a deep understanding of the Central American Market. I strongly believe that the best way to learn is through immersing oneself into that environment. As part of the degree, I will also be able to study in Norway for a semester and develop a better understanding of the European market. The Ivey MSc thus provides a holistic experience and combined with the top-notch faculty and the supportive career management team, Ivey provides a solid foundation to prosper in the corporate world.

To the prospective student considering the Ivey MSc, I would say that the Ivey MSc is a transformational and valuable experience. If you love to be in a fast-paced and challenging environment that pushes you to your full potential, the Ivey MSc is the perfect fit. The supportive nature of the class, faculty, and alumni will allow you to achieve and excel in your career goals. The connection you make at Ivey will not only be long lasting but also make you feel like part of the Ivey family.





  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Administration, New York Institute of Technology