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Student Profile

MSc IB + CEMS 2017

I began the Ivey MSc/CEMS dual degree after completing two degrees in art history and after working in student and residence life at the University of Toronto. First, I completed an Honours Bachelor’s Degree, specialization in Art History with minors in French and Italian, at the University of Toronto, where I was exposed to a globally diverse array of classmates, professors, foods, and cultures. It was during this degree that I also developed a strong passion for the arts and strong writing, critical thinking, and analysis skills. This degree was followed by a Master of Arts in Italian Renaissance Art History, Criticism, and Conservation through Syracuse University, where I studied in both the USA and Italy, augmenting many of the skills and global experiences I had achieved at the University of Toronto. Through both of these degrees I had the opportunity to live in new environments and countries, engage with many different customs and foods, learn how to effectively and professionally express myself in writing and in presentations, and to constantly keep an open and observant mind.

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, I worked both at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery as a gallery assistant and at Woodsworth College Residence as a Residence Don. These experiences in leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict mediation and resolution, and professionalism, allowed me to take on the role of Residence Life Assistant through Woodsworth Residence and the Office of the Dean of Students after my Master’s. In this position I took on a more senior role, managing a larger number of staff, interacting directly with more Woodsworth College and University of Toronto staff, and taking on more responsibilities.

My decision to return to school and to pursue the Ivey MSc Program with CEMS was the result of personal introspection and the realization that I would like to pursue a more managerial career, rather than the academic one that my previous two degrees prepared me for. Although I had originally wished to pursue a PhD and remain in academia, my passions lie more in the area of managing projects, staff, and working with teams. I hope to merge my passion for the arts with the MSc degree for a career in arts management.

My experience at Ivey in the MSc program thus far is best summarized as an adventure of people, places, cultures, and various educational/professional backgrounds. It is impossible not to be inspired and in awe; all my classmates come from very interesting backgrounds and places, offering so many opportunities from which to learn. The case-based method at Ivey has prepared me well to address real-life situations in a critical and analytical way, taking into consideration the many facets of the problem at hand. I look forward to further learning and to sharing my own experiences from Ivey and beyond as I do my two exchanges in the coming semesters: RSM (Netherlands) and ESADE (Spain). 


  • BA, Art History, French & Italian, University of Toronto
  • MA, Italian Renaissance Art History, Criticism, and Conservation