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Student Profile

MSc IB 2017

I was born in China and received higher education in Canada. Having spent equivalent time in both countries allows me to have a thorough understanding of the different cultures in Asia and North America. The Chinese culture taught me to put in groundwork and stay humble; the western culture inspired me to explore and to have an open mind. Both cultures have impacted my career and personal life greatly. I studied accounting, as I believe numbers tell the business story, and now I’m studying international business at Ivey, as I understand business is also about connecting people.

Ivey is outstanding in so many areas: the strong alumni network, its world renowned case-method, the CEMS partnership, and the resourceful career management services, etc. The reputation of Ivey attracts top talents from around the world and facilitates a great business school environment for students to learn amongst each other. Particularly, the MSc program gathers together students with diverse backgrounds and skill sets that have the same aspiration to become the next generation of business leaders. The complete package that Ivey offers students is the reason why Ivey was above all others in my consideration.

The opportunities offered through the Ivey MSc Program have help me gained a deeper understanding of the real business world and of myself. It is no exaggeration to say that Ivey has influenced me positively in building some of my values, habits, and attitudes that are essential to achieving long-term career success. Ivey fosters leaders that inspire and listen to others, and the collaboration thus drives out innovation and success. Entering Ivey was not only a choice of study but also a choice of self-investment and I’m excited to continue my journey being part of the Ivey family.



  • Bachelors of Commerce, University of Guelph