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Student Profile

MSc BA 2017

Born and raised in Bamako, Mali, I moved to Canada after high school to pursue my studies.

I have always been fond of Mathematics and its applications to real-life problems. That was why I enrolled in the Bachelor of Sciences, specializing in Financial Mathematics at Universite de Montreal. During the three years of the program, I developed a strong interest in risk management and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in that field.


After graduation, I took on pursuing the Fellowship designation of the Society of Actuaries. Although I completed the four preliminary exams, I was struggling to find a job. Part of that I believe was due to the little work experience I had and the fact that most positions required exams as well as work experience. This led me to look for an MSc degree that would value my background, allow me to gain real-world experience, and give me a competitive advantage on the job market after graduation.


Ivey was my first choice once I found out about the new MSc in Business Analytics.

Given the reputation of the school, the requirements of the program, and the fit of the program to my background and aspirations, my decision was already made.


One thing I found very challenging in the beginning were the class contributions. In the very first week of the Pre-Ivey experience or PKP, I was concerned about how I was going to make it to the end of the program if class contributions heavily counted in grade attribution. Indeed, in undergrad I was not required to participate in class discussions and did not have to prepare for upcoming classes. This was a complete switch of culture to me. However, I knew I had to push myself on this matter because on the job I would eventually be meeting and presenting to senior managers and clients, and going to those events without preparation would not be an option. After PKP, I took a course on innovation to challenge myself and remedy this matter. The professor was supportive at a personal level and helped me boost my confidence for public discussions by purposely calling on me to answer questions in class discussions.


Ivey's MSc in Business Analytics will certainly better prepare me for a career as a consultant in Risk Management. The increasing amount of data on the market and the growing demand for people with both business skills and analytical skills to translate the data into insights and lead the organizations they work in to competitive advantage makes the field of Analytics one of hottest on the market. Recently the Society of Actuaries has increased the required exams from five to seven, the two additional being related to Predictive Modelling. This make me feel even more confident about my future career upon graduating from a Business Analytics program.


  • BSc. Mathematics,Financial Mathematics, Universite de Montreal