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Pearl Kwan

MSc Business Analytics 2018


MSc '18, Ivey Business School

Briefly, describe your background and profile. Think about how Ivey is/will complement your own personal background and experience.

Before coming to Ivey, I completed my undergraduate degree in Financial Modelling and Psychology right here at Western University. When I first got to Western, my orientation leader (now an Ivey MBA grad) showed me that there was no better place to start getting involved; that everyone has the advantage of a brand-new slate and there are enough opportunities for even shy students to develop into great leaders. So, I kept myself really busy while I was here, as VP Finance of the largest dance club on campus, a Residence Advisor, a soph (orientation leader), and held leadership positions in my residence, faculty, and university student councils. Each role has helped me develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills required both in and out of the classroom.

Talk about one of your most memorable “Ivey” moments to-date – how does that moment ‘sum-up’ the Ivey experience?

The Ivey Alumni Network (IAN) has a long-standing reputation as one of the strongest and most interconnected business school alumni organizations in the world. During the summer, I was given the opportunity to meet and interact with members of the IAN board at one of their meetings, as a representative of the MSc student council. Everyone I interacted with that day took the time to ask about my career aspirations and offered to help in any way they could. By suggesting a company to research, graciously offering to connect me with someone they know in the industry, and even providing personal insight to the recruitment process, Ivey alumni demonstrated the importance of supporting Ivey graduates early in their careers.

How is your story different from that of your classmates? What perspective do you bring to the class?

When I first came to Western, I wanted to be a doctor like the 799 other first-year science students. In second year, I chose to major in Medical Biophysics. However, when I realized that I did not have a strong stomach at all, I leveraged all the calculus classes I had taken and pivoted to Actuarial Science. I transitioned once again to Financial Modelling, before finally graduating and moving on to Ivey’s Business Analytics program, to leverage existing technical knowledge and combine it with my interest in consumer psychology. It took time before I figured out what I was passionate about and wanted to focus my studies on. In business school and in life, good leaders are those who deal with unpredictable situations with good judgment and adaptability. My background has shown me the importance of staying flexible and positive in such uncertain situations.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering Ivey?

While my experience at Ivey has certainly lived up to my expectations, it is the opportunities beyond the classroom that I found have been the most transformative. Ivey attracts the brightest and most driven students, faculty, and staff around the world; the opportunities to interact and work with world-class faculty outside the classroom are reserved for the students who proactively seek them. My advice is to put yourself out there and try to make meaningful connections with as many people as possible in your 16 months in the MSc program.


  • Bachelor of Science- Financial Modelling & Psychology, Western University