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Student Profile

MSc IB + CEMS 2017

Before starting my MSc at Ivey, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Carleton University in Ottawa. During my undergraduate program, I was fortunate enough to gain experience in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from bio-nano chemistry to neuroscience and physiology through both lab research and courses. After realizing that applied science research was not the path I wanted to pursue, I began to look for options that would shift my academic future and career trajectory. I first learned of the Ivey MSc when the recruitment team visited Ottawa for a graduate school fair. Curious, I attended a mock case discussion at the Ivey building in London and was sold immediately.

For me, the most attractive aspects of the Ivey MSc were the international components. During my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate enough to participate in a study/culture trip to China, which sparked my desire to explore and experience new things. An internship in India and an exchange to a CEMS partner school sounded like a fantastic way to spend half of my 16-month degree. After returning from India, I can honestly say that the experience changed my outlook on life and provided me with a fresh perspective. I am thrilled to continue my international education with my upcoming exchange to the Rotterdam School of Management.

My time at Ivey so far has been unique. The Case-Method of Learning is an effective, engaging way to provide students with real-world scenarios without having to leave the classroom. The classroom acts as a platform to voice an opinion and have it critiqued — an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion with teachers and classmates. At Ivey, there is an underlying culture of support that drives each student’s pursuit of excellence. Be it the teachers in the classrooms, classmates or career coaches, anybody associated with the Ivey brand shares that common goal. I feel privileged to be a part of such a driven community.

Like many of my classmates, my career goals have been changing since high school graduation. The academic research component of the MSc opened my eyes to the possibility of further schooling and the international experience that Ivey has provided geared me towards pursuing a career in foreign relations and sustainable international development. Regardless of the field I end up in, I am confident that the skillset I have developed throughout the MSc program will help advance my career and ensure that I am a valuable asset to any future employer. 


  • Honours Bachelor of Science, Carleton University