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Student Profile

MSc IB + NHH Dual Degree 2017

My university career began at Western University in 2011. I was accepted to Western’s BMOS (Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies) program, but quickly switched into Political Science when I realized I had a keen interest in it. I also found the need to round out my skill set as a student and improve my writing skills. Political Science was a perfect fit; however, I knew that after I completed my degree I would fall back into a business module either after gaining work experience and pursuing an MBA or by seeking out a program that allowed me to study business management straight after graduation. I experienced the best four years of my life during my time at Western and decided that I would like to come back straight away. The campus culture, quality of education, and the town were a perfect environment for me to learn in. I therefore applied to Ivey’s MSc Program in the fall of my fourth year.

In addition to already loving Western’s culture, Ivey had a significant advantage attached to its MSc program that many other graduate business schools did not. Ivey offered the opportunity to apply for a double-degree program with the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) within its MSc streams. I applied for the program and was accepted. I am now living in Bergen, Norway completing my double-MSc degree and earning both in the same amount of time that it would normally take to complete one MSc degree. Bergen is an amazing city, and the school is very dynamic and challenging here. NHH offers a diverse range of specializations, and I have chosen to pursue a Master in Business and Economics with a specialization in Energy, Resources, and the Environment (ENE) profile. Studying this niche profile is a good fit for me because it complements both my business knowledge attained during my first semester at Ivey as well as my environmental policy knowledge that I gained while studying Political Science in my undergraduate degree.

Ivey’s MSc degree has really allowed me to differentiate myself. I do not have a concrete idea of what I would like to do; however, the MSc program has opened up the door to almost anything I would like to pursue. In my first nine months of the program I have taken a diversified profile of classes, worked in Nicaragua for a large spirits manufacturer, and moved to Norway for the opportunity to earn a double degree. It is hard to replicate this kind of experience over this timeline anywhere else.




  • Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Western University