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Salena Singh

MSc International Business with CEMS-MIM 2019


MSc '19, Ivey Business School

Tell us about yourself. 

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, where the different ways to finance the upcoming project has been one of the common dinner table conversations. Thus, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce aligned with my interests and future aspirations in life of running a self-made thriving business. Ivey will be bring me closer to my goals by providing a head start in the Canadian corporate world.

What were you most nervous about when you began the program? Has that nervousness eased, and/or how have your expectations been met/exceeded?

Before starting the program, I was somewhat nervous about the case study method because it was an entirely unknown learning methodology. But as the course began, I realized that the bridge that cases create between knowledge and real-world scenarios has resulted in higher retention and better understanding of the concepts. The strong focus on class participation has enhanced my communication skills and exposed me to the unique perspectives of my peers.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering Ivey?

Ivey is the kind of business school where the more involved you are, the more you will get out of it. Join clubs, make connections with your professors and classmates, attend as many workshops as you can. Make the most of this golden opportunity to sharpen your skills and grow in your career.


  • Bachelors of Commerce- Panjab University