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Student Profile

MSc IB + CEMS 2017

Prior to beginning the Ivey MSc, I completed an undergraduate degree in Accountancy and gained experience working at a start-up in Dubai. Having lived my entire life in Dubai, once I completed my undergraduate degree I knew it was time to step outside of my comfort zone. I looked for opportunities that would enhance my workplace skills, provide me with an international experience, and build me as a leader with a global mindset. That is when I decided to pursue a Master’s degree.


While researching business schools I looked for schools that fulfilled my criteria, which was quite difficult for a Master’s program. Most schools had MBA programs that focused on preparing students to be effective leaders in the work place but not a pre-experience Master’s program. The Ivey MSc provided the unique combination I was looking for. The program had a strong focus on analytical and leadership skills, all taught through the Ivey case-based learning method, which is a very practical approach and mirrors the challenges one would face in a corporate environment.


Once I started the program, it not only met my expectations but also exceeded them. The high calibre and diverse backgrounds of the professors and my fellow classmates gave me a great learning opportunity and allowed me to gain exposure to a wide variety of industries. However, the unexpected part of the program for me was the extensive focus on each student’s career goals. Ivey’s Career Management team puts in a lot of effort to understand and assist each student in the pursuit of their future goals. The personalized support they provide and their dedication towards each student has gone far beyond what I could have imagined.


Apart from the wealth of academic knowledge provided in the classroom, the Ivey MSc provides a very immersive international experience through the Ivey Global Lab. Not only did two months of working in a microfinance firm in Nicaragua provide me with hands-on experience, it also allowed me to develop the skills I had learned in the classroom, as the projects involved a lot of analysis and decision making. With Ivey, I was also able to go on two exchange terms to some of the top schools in Europe. The Ivey MSc gave me the incredible opportunity to be exposed to the North American, European, and Central American markets, giving me a truly global mindset.


To all the prospective students looking to pursue a Master’s degree, I would say the program offers the perfect platform to learn and grow. Ivey provides all the support and resources a student would need to achieve their short and long term goals. Even for someone not certain of their future career path or looking for a change in career, Ivey provides an excellent career management team, top-notch faculty, and amazing classmates and alumni, who all can help you to understand the best career path for you and prepare you for it. More than anything, the Ivey MSc is a memorable and life-changing experience with lots of opportunities to grow and prosper in life.


  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy, University of Wollongong