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Yuan (Miranda) Ma

MSc Business Analytics 2019


MSc '19, Ivey Business School

Tell us about yourself. 

Before coming to Ivey, I had several opportunities to work around the world. My first job was in China working as a business analyst in a bank where I initially applied my knowledge in finance and data analytics. This triggered my craving for more know-how to understand the mechanism behind every analytical methodology. Later I found investment banking was a perfect combination of what I was looking for — it has a steep learning curve, fits my background and knowledge set, and is challenging. So I was pretty excited to work in a boutique investment bank next to Wall Street, where I built some predictive regression models to obtain the key ratios that were hard to collect through existing sources. This ended up boosting my client company’s value by $40MM. This, along with my working experience later in a Toronto-based IT company, has again motivated me to pursue more in the field of analytics. Ivey’s case-study learning method, combined with the team-based consulting and strategy projects, has successfully enabled me to further integrate and leverage my technical knowledge in a systematic way. Furthermore, attending Ivey networking events and connecting with business leaders has allowed me to build a stronger network. I appreciate that Ivey’s rigorous education structure, top-notch career support, and world-class faculty has advanced my knowledge and networking to the next level.

Think back to when you were researching business schools. What did Ivey offer you that other schools did not? What made it a good fit for you?

Ivey has the qualities that best fit my expectations, objectives, and backgrounds. The MSc program offers essential skills in teamwork, systematic research, analytical thinking, and information valuation, making students gain through all levels of involvement in interdisciplinary business projects, from finance and marketing, to operations and business communications. Working with a diverse group of people has strengthened the bonds between team members and forged my resilience and character as a future leader. This transformation is not only academic, but deeply human. The authentic real-world context of Ivey’s opportunities makes the MSc program a wise decision for a future business leader who understands and appreciates the incredible power of big data. The chance to work at Downtown Toronto, the place where the Wall Street of Canada is located, has given me huge advantages in gaining first-hand information about the finance industry. Such geographical advantages have contributed exactly to my career goals.

What are your plans after Ivey? What do you hope to achieve by graduation?

In the next three to five years I see myself as a banker providing advisory services for mergers and acquisitions by incorporating cutting-edge methodologies and tools. To achieve this, I would like to develop a deeper understanding of the quantitative models underpinning modern finance and to gain exposure to the latest practices adopted in the field of financial and M&A analytics. Ultimately, I would want to work either at a hedge fund or a private equity firm as a buy-side analyst to get involved in leveraged buyout transactions and partial stake purchases. To me, business analytics is essentially an art with a scientific veneer, and numbers are nothing more than analytical tools. Quantity will finally turn to quality. I hope to get a better sense of information comprehension and integration for different business contexts, and make the MSc program a tipping point following which I can apply what I learned at Ivey to real-world issues and evolve to my self-ideal.


  • Honours Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies- Finance & Financial Economics CFA Level 1, Python Course Completion Certificate, Western University