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Landon Mackenzie

Green Triangle (2012-2014)

Second floor, in the passageway leading to the Jewel Room.

Green Triangle

Landon Mackenzie

Oil and acrylic on linen
82 ¾" x 126 ¼"

Emily Carr and Landon Mackenzie: Wood Chopper and the Monkey
Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Grant Arnold
(20 September 2014 - 6 April 2015)

Acquired from Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Exhibition Information

“Mackenzie’s paintings are compositions based on the variation and multiplication of certain basic forms – paint spots, disks, circles, rays, rectangles and triangles. The triangle of course is a key form in [Emily] Carr’s tree and mountain paintings…Mackenzie’s triangle works begin in 2012 with small studies where the overlapping triangular units cover the paper; they are painted in such a way that the transparent watercolour medium allows them to float behind or in front of each other. The composition results from Mackenzie’s intuitive placing of each individual unit so that it has space to breathe and harmonizes with its neighbors, an organic process much like Emily Carr’s description of growth in the woods: “Every seed has sprung up, poked itself through the rich soil and felt its way into the openset space within its reach, no crowding, taking its share, part of the ‘scheme;”

“If Mackenzie’s paintings are related to woods, then they show a forest now mediated through the synthetic colours and electrical traces of a technological world. Green Triangle (2013-2014) is a large abstract painting in which lines and triangles process like electric signals in front of a dark space that is generated by centrifugal green rays.”

Excerpt from “The View from Nowhere: Landon Mackenzie Spins Emily Carr” by Gerta Moray. From the exhibition catalogue, “Emily Carr and Landon Mackenzie: Wood Chopper and the Monkey” Vancouver Art Gallery, 2014.


Landon Mackenzie has built an impressive body of work and is known for her rigorous large-format paintings. Her work has been exhibited in over 100 exhibitions across Canada and internationally, and is collected by museums including the National Gallery of Canada, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Vancouver Art Gallery to name a few. Based in Vancouver, she is an influential educator at Emily Carr University. She studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), Halifax (1972-1975), and Concordia University, Montreal (1976-1979) and has been honoured with numerous awards including the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2017.

Biography courtesy of Nicholas Metivier Gallery.

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